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Baudoin & Lange Exclusive Sagan Classic Loafer Albatre Suede

Baudoin & Lange

The style that put Baudoin & Lange on the map, the Sagan Loafer is inspired by the classic Belgian loafer. Sophisticated and stylish, beautifully crafted and supremely comfortable, each shoe is handcrafted by a team of artisans, a meticulous process involving hundreds of time-honored steps. It’s made from an exclusive velvety soft maple-hued French Noble Suede — Baudoin & Lange works with historical tanneries to develop their fine bespoke leathers. The quality is such that they do not require a stiff second layer of lining, and instead naturally stretch to adapt to the wearer. The Sagan Loafer is padded for an all-day cushioned walk, and will truly be the most comfortable loafer you'll ever wear.

Founded in 2016 and operating out of London, Baudoin & Lange quickly gained global recognition among fashion designers, celebrities, artists and tastemakers internationally. By working directly with their own artisans and trusted suppliers, they can source the very best leathers and suedes from different parts of Europe.

Exclusive Color for Todd Snyder
Suede Upper
Fully Unlined
B&L® Insole
Made in Italy
Note: If your shoes get wet, insert rolled-up paper to shape. Let shoes dry at room temp, away from direct heat. Wait for any dirt or mud to dry completely before brushing off.
Style MC1D108310