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Designed in New York. Made in Manchester. Built to last a lifetime. Todd has partnered with the experts at Private White V.C. on a limited-edition collab featuring proper British coats, jackets, pants and more. Private White has been hand-making military-inspired clothes since its namesake, Private Jack White, returned from WWI with a Victoria Cross (hence the V.C. in the name). 


Private White V.C.

Private White V.C. supplied the Allied Forces with cotton gabardine trench coats in WWI and The Royal Air Force with waterproof parkas in WWII. Its handcrafted garments are all made in the same way they have been since 1853 — in Manchester’s last remaining clothing factory, a red-bricked building on the banks of the River Irwell. One of England’s most venerable outfitters, Private White is a favorite of royalty, rock stars, athletes and actors alike.