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Dehen was founded in 1920, and the Oregon-based company quickly developed a reputation for making indestructible garments — varsity jackets for collegians, chunky zip neck sweaters for motorcycle clubs and their naval-inspired N-1 Deck Jacket. A longtime admirer of Dehen’s American heritage clothing, Todd has taken some of their most classic styles and refreshed them in a palette of mocha and café con leche.


Founded by William Peter Dehen in 1920 and still based in Portland, Oregon, The Dehen Knitting Company produces traditional heavyweight apparel. In the 20s, they began knitting sweaters for student athletes. In the 30s, they started supplying local motorcycle clubs with riding sweaters. In the 50s, they added the Varsity Jacket, making each jacket by hand to the specification of the individual lucky enough to letter in his or her sport. Along the way they added the N-1 Deck Jacket, which is based on a style originally produced for the U.S. military before WWII. It spoke to the Dehen family, because William L. Dehen (the founder’s son) had served as a submariner in the U.S. Navy.