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RoToTo Socks, Beanies & More

About RoToTo

If you’re looking for ultra-comfortable accessories, look no further than our RoToTo socks from Todd Snyder. Our RoToTo collection—from our socks to our beanies—uses cozy cotton for effortlessly stylish looks. Combine RoToTo socks with an everyday sneaker for a casual but classy appearance. Made with anti-pilling yarn to ensure durability, our RoToTo beanies are another exceptional accessory that instantly upgrades your outfit. From old-school ankle socks to cotton slub socks, you’ll have an array of options to suit your sense of style. To make a bold statement, select a pair of RoToTo socks in a bright color, or opt for a chunky ribbed tie-dye pattern. Those seeking classic sophistication will love organic cotton socks in neutral staple colors, or even a dark chunky beanie to wear as they throw on their favorite jacket. You’ll even find holiday styles to upgrade your winter wardrobe. No matter if you’re throwing on a RoToTo beanie in the winter or wearing a pair of your favorite RoToTo socks in the fall, you’ll have no shortage of occasions to include these pieces. Wear ankle socks if you’re working out in sweat shorts. Alternatively, colder months call for longer ribbed crew socks that provide more warmth while you’re exploring the outdoors. Our RoToTo beanies are perfect for any season, whether rain, shine, or snowing. Made with exceptionally cozy cotton and in several styles, Todd Snyder’s collection with RoToTo does not disappoint. Our commitment to quality ensures that no matter what accessories you choose, you’ll always enjoy the same level of coziness and versatility. Whether you’re looking for new socks or a beanie that will instantly become your go-to hat, shop our collection now to experience the RoToTo difference.