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In celebration of our ‘Who The F*** Is Nick Wooster?’ t-shirt, we thought we’d best answer the question – just in case you’re not already familiar with the godfather of street style. Here, he tells us how he starts his day and gets dressed in the morning…

The wake up

I don’t get enough sleep. Not because I’m an insomniac, just because I’ll often find myself binge watching something late at night. But no matter wherever I am, whatever time it is, I always wake up five minutes before my alarm. I have a really amazing internal alarm clock but I never leave it to chance. I set an alarm on my phone – a really hideous sound – which I place on the far side of the room so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off.


The heart starter

I don’t drink and I don’t smoke anymore but I do drink a lot of caffeine. If I go without, I get these terrible headaches. I drink iced coffee year round. I make a big pot in my Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker the night before and put it in the refrigerator overnight. I use Starbucks French Roast which I buy on Fresh Direct and then in the morning I just add ice and a little half and half. Then I go to the gym in my building or in my hotel. I have a trainer and on a good week I work out six times (just not Sundays) – on a bad week, it’s just two.


The grooming routine

I take a long shower – 10 to 15 minutes. That’s when I think about what I will wear. I have two bathrooms and the cabinets are full of grooming products and I like to try new things but I mainly just use Aesop and Kiehl’s. I use an eye cream, a serum and a moisturiser. I’ve tried dozens of pomades but I keep coming back to American Crew’s Forming Cream. I never used to need a hairdryer but these days I do. My hair doesn’t feel as thick as it used to so it needs a little help. I usually wear one of two Diptyque fragrances which I’ve worn for 20 years – the fig one, Philosykos, or the red currant one, L’Ombre dans L’eau.


The art of dressing

I ask myself two questions: What am I doing today? And what’s the weather like? Those two things dictate what I wear. I’ll pick an item – whether it’s a coat or a sweater or a pair of shoes – and build the look around that. Today it was this Todd Snyder + Champion sweatshirt which I actually love – to me this is the perfect sweatshirt. If it’s fashion week or I’m going to an event, then of course I will think carefully about what I’m wearing but day to day, I don’t overthink it. I always wear a watch. I have two Tudors, three Rolexes, a Cartier, a Bell & Ross, a vintage Patek and a vintage Universal Geneve. Today I’m wearing my Bamford Watch Department Rolex which is customised in olive green.


The breakfast of choice

Breakfast is my favorite meal. If I’m in New York and meeting someone for breakfast then it’s usually at Morandi in the West Village (morandiny.com). It’s the one restaurant in town where I can show up announced and they will always find me a table. I really value that in New York. I need eggs at breakfast: scrambled or an omelette but at Morandi the frittata of the day is the thing – it’s always slightly different so it’s not like having the same thing every time.