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Gurkha Pants & Trousers

Gurkha Trousers For Men

These pants are making a comeback for a few undeniably good reasons; utilitarian, comfortable, and stylish, they can easily do double duty and work for any number of occasions thanks to their tailored finish. Like many men’s fashion staples, the Todd Snyder Gurkha Trouser is inspired by a classic vintage British military style. The unusual name of this trouser comes from a group of elite Nepalese soldiers from the early 19th century. Both practical and handsome, it’s a unique silhouette that’s casual, tailored, and exceptionally versatile. Our update features a double-pleated front and an adjustable cummerbund waist (meant to sit slightly higher than a typical chino) with buckle side tabs. The fit is relaxed through the top and tapers at the leg. Available in a selection of different colors — both solids and patterns — you’ll find whatever you’re looking for in a pair of these on-trend pants. Our premium wool, linen, cotton, and blended fabrics (often with a bit of stretch for a full range of movement) will see you through from winter to summer and back again. They look good with everything, more or less, thanks to their ability to give the wearer a long, lean look. Getting ready for a nice dinner out with friends or family? Go for the Gurkha, and dress them up with a sport coat and a button-down. Planning a day (or night) out on the weekend? Play things cool and casual with a tank or tee. Designed to make an impact, these statement trousers are surprisingly easy to pair with the classics already in your closet, so go ahead and give your other pants a rest. With endless varieties, you can choose the look that works for you. This unique piece will set you apart from anyone else out there — the Gurkha stands on its own and makes a striking impact (though a surprisingly easy-wearing one). Whether you’re traveling, heading out to meet friends, or simply running errands on the weekend, it’s ready for whatever you are. Always in, always fresh for the season, and always a must-have, Todd Snyder Gurkha Trousers are endlessly cool. And if you’re looking for something that’s warm-weather friendly, don’t forget our Gurkha Short — essentially the same design cut short, it’s a perfect belt-free choice for the summer.