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Todd Snyder

Italian Wool Boucle Sport Coat in Light Grey

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Think of our Sport Coat as elegant as casual can get. The shoulder is natural, and it comes with what in the trade is known as a “butterfly lining” meaning two pieces of fabric on the interior back which resemble a butterfly’s wings and make this an easy slip-on, slip-off situation. The fabric is an imported Italian boucle wool.  Boucle (pronounced “boo-clay” has a soft, slightly teddy bear feel that’s having a moment right now. Other elegantly casual details include: patch pockets, horn buttons, double vent and the suit’s signature 3 into 2 button stance. The suit is set-up as a two button but has a hidden third for those cooler days where you might want to pop the collar and wear it with a scarf for a cool morning commute. Wear it on its own with jeans or with matching suit pants.

  • Imported Italian Fabric.
  • 87% Wool, 13% Nylon. 
  • Tailored fit. 
  • Genuine horn buttons.
  • Fits true to size.
  • Dry Clean Only.
  • Style Number BL028915