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As we move in to the new Todd Snyder flagship store on Madison Square Park, we thought we should introduce ourselves to some of our neighbors. We’ve all heard of Mad Men. Well, meet Madison Men: a collection of people who work in and around Madison Square Park in New York – and who are therefore our new neighbors.

To get relations off on the right foot, we invited each of these guys to pick an outfit from the new Todd Snyder flagship store. Then we chatted to them wearing said outfit in their natural environment. (Which in the case of one was the line for ShakeShack in the middle of the Square – hey, we’re not judging.) Over the next six weeks we’ll be introducing you to them, one by one. There’s Will Guidara and Daniel Humm who co-own Three Michelin-starred restaurant Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad and soon-to-open Made Nice restaurants; James O’Reilly co-founder of NeueHouse, a members’ club for creatives; Rameet Chawla, entrepreneur and founder of design agency Fueled; Zack and Harvey Moscot of Moscot eyewear who have opened a shop-in-shop within the Todd Snyder store; and Ben Pundole VP of Brand Experience for EDITION Hotels photographed inside our very close neighbor the New York EDITION.

Harvey Moscot, 55, is CEO of MOSCOT

What do you typically do day to day? I oversee all business activities with a focus on selective growth. I communicate with our European office, our marketing team, and meet with my son all day.

How did you and Todd meet and start collaborating? We were grateful that Todd was a big fan of MOSCOT Eyewear. We first started collaborating with Todd at his store in Tokyo.

What do you typically wear to work? Jeans, and typically a tie and vest, as my formal medical background as an optometrist slips in.

What kind of bag do you take to work? My personalized Filson for now.

What kind of wallet do you carry? The thinnest money clip with credit card pockets that I could find —from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Turn out your pockets, empty your work bag and list the precise contents. Guitar picks, Trident Blue Original gum, eyeglasses.

What would you say are the particular tools of your particular trade? Macbook Air, and a Pupillary Distance ruler for measuring frame dimensions.

Zack Moscot, 26, is VP and Chief Design Officer of MOSCOT.

What do you do day to day? We wear many hats — from running the company, to creative direction, to detailed product design and marketing. I particularly focus on the creative side of the business. The days are productive, busy, stressful, and fun! Oh, I eat and fit a beer in there at some point, too.

How long have you been working in and around Madison Square Park? Not long – we’ve only just opened our shop-in-shop within the Todd Snyder flagship store. We have three other stores in New York – one on 14th St and 6th Ave, one on Orchard St in the LES and one in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

What is your vision for the new shop-in-shop on Madison Square Park - how is it similar to your other stores; how is it different? Introduce new peeps to our 101 year-old, five generational, NYC brand…we tried to capture the aesthetic sensibility of our MOSCOT Shops as much as we could.

Tell us about the shop-in-shop. The MOSCOT shop opening in Todd Snyder is a microcosmic experience of our retail shops. We want to introduce people to our 101-year-old, five generational, NYC brand. The shop-in-shop will have thorough inventory of all of our iconic MOSCOT styles and will feel like a small piece of NYC history and MOSCOT heritage. It will contain our tchotchkes, famous mannequin heads, and renowned press images. Customers can go there to buy frames, sunglasses, and/or get a pair of prescription eyewear filled.

What do you typically wear to work? I wear jeans, boots or sneakers depending on my mood, and a button down or t-shirt, sometimes with some outer layers like a sweater, blazer, or vest. I'd say my style is clean, professional in a business sense, but still includes hints of my artistic side.

What kind of bag do you take to work? When needed, I haul my backpack.

What kind of wallet do you carry? A leather cardholder with two open sides for easy cash access. It's very important I can easily take out my bills, and don’t spend time fiddling with the difficulty of some single sided cardholders out there.

Turn out your pockets, empty your work bag and list the precise contents. Keys, wallet, chap stick, micron pen, headphones, a clip-on for my MOSCOT SCHLEP.

What are the particular tools of your particular trade? I can’t do without my precision dial calipers and millimeter ruler, and my 3D printer. I also rely on my optical screwdriver and spend a chunk of the day in Adobe Illustrator and RHINO 3D.

Tell us about another Madison Man you encounter regularly. The monumental bronze statue of statesmen, William Seward, just on the north side of the park. I always give him a nod when I pass by.

What three accessories available on ToddSnyder.com best sum you up? Timex/Red Wing 40mm watch, Ranger Backpack, Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Conditioner

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