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Men's Corduroy Pants & Shirts

About Men’s Corduroy Pants & Shirts

Known for its rugged yet refined texture, corduroy has never truly gone out of fashion. This durable cotton fabric is characterized by its distinctive ridged pattern — which are called “wales,” by the way; the fewer ridges per inch, the chunkier the cord — and offers a blend of classic elegance and comfort. Corduroy menswear allows you to embrace the rugged appeal of this fabric while making a distinctive fashion statement that’s all your own. When it comes to corduroy menswear, the most iconic style that comes to mind is perhaps the corduroy pant. Corduroy pants for men are a staple in every wardrobe that embody the classic charm of the fabric and can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any number of occasions. When it comes to shirts, corduroy offers a range of options, from button-downs to casual shirts to Westerns, each with its own sense of rugged refinement. Beyond shirts, there’s an entire lineup of utilitarian-inspired outerwear: vests, shirt jackets, CPO jackets, and even the Chore Coat, all available in corduroy and all versatile layering options for transitional weather. For those looking to fully embrace corduroy, corduroy suits are a sophisticated choice, offering a unique blend of classic and contemporary styles. A fall staple, corduroy clothing for men is nonetheless remarkably versatile and suits a range of seasons and occasions. Pair corduroy pants with a crisp shirt for a classic look, or team them with a casual tee and hoodie for a more relaxed vibe. The corduroy blazer, with its structured design, is excellent for fall and winter and looks extra sharp layered over a chunky sweater. It can be matched with trousers for a formal feel, or worn with jeans for more casual outings. With corduroy pants, blazers, jackets, shirts and even full suits, you can rock the fabric's classic look and feel in various seasons and for a variety of occasions. Understanding the different options for corduroy clothing and knowing when to incorporate them into your ensembles will allow you to create a distinctive look whether the dress code calls for fabulous or formal.