Rethinking the sweatshirt

By Skip Brooks |

When one hears the word “sweatshirt,” the words that usually come to mind are sporty workout gear, loungewear, or oversized college memorabilia. However, for a few years now, Todd has been re-thinking the sweatshirt as an essential layering piece for any men’s wardrobe. Take a moment and follow these simple steps to easily integrate sweatshirts into your rotation.

Think of your sweatshirt as a sweater. Don’t be afraid to wear it over a button down shirt and tie.

If you’re going to use a sweatshirt as a layering piece, be conscious of fit. You don’t want it too tight or too loose. Most sweatshirts are boxy and oversized but ours are made with tailoring sensibilities for a slim classic fit.

Keep it neutral with solid colors. One can never go wrong with Grey Heather, Black Indigo and Oatmeal.

Keep it Basic. Prints have their place but go for a non-printed version when attempting to dress up your sweatshirt. Save the college sweatshirts for the game.

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