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#mensweardontcare Questionnaire

December 15, 2013 1 min read

Ashley Weston is a celebrity menswear stylist based in Los Angeles. (Weston wears a Todd Snyder + Champion sweatshirt, available now online and at the City Gym store.)

Who's the most stylish man in the world?

Pressure. Tie between Tom Ford and Ryan Gosling. Although, I'm leaning towards Gosling. Reason being - what man, do you know, can pull off a navy silk pajama shirt with white pants and loafers? That's what I thought. Both men really know how to push the boundaries with their clothes while still having their masculinity intact.

Who's the most stylish man you know?

My boyfriend. It's actually what caught my attention when I first met him. I was standing in the lobby, waiting for the elevator. I was staring at the floor when the elevator doors open and literally the world went into slow-mo. My eyes went from these polished black dress shoes up to an impeccably tailored charcoal suit, a peek of cufflinks, black silk tie and a silver tie bar holding it in place, and ended on a pair of black Tom Ford sunglasses. I was in love.

What's your favorite article of men's clothing?

A crisp, white dress shirt. Sometimes, I don't think men realize the power that a well-fitted, white dress shirt has. it instantly makes a man look well-dressed. It's so simple and easy to wear on it's own or layered over. And any woman can appreciate a well-dressed man.