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To celebrate the launch of the summer collection, Todd turned Giligan’s at
New York’s Soho Grand Hotel into a beachy hideaway for one night only.

On June 6th, editors, influencers, friends of the brand and fashionistos gathered for a pre-summer cocktail party hosted by Todd Snyder. The theme of the evening — Snyder’s Cabana Club — was our way of bringing to life one of our favorite seasonal collections, a place where you can find all your summer needs, from swimsuits to sunglasses to summerweight chore coats. The drinks were cool (signature cocktails included Spicy Skippers and Dark ‘n’ Stormies). The looks were hot. And a good time was had by all.

Michael Graham of Savant Studios, Jenna Lyons and El Jefe

(right) Steven Sharpe Jr., Daniel Victor, David Komisarchik

Some cabana-friendly looks

Michael Hainey, author, editor and co-host of Air Mail’s Morning Meeting podcast

Kristian Todorovski, Stephen Carson, Jeremy Mitchell, Velissa Yoe

(right)Stylist/Boutique Owner Khalilah Beavers

Grayson Thornberry and Nick Andry

Vincent Boucher, Todd, Kyle DeFord

Inside Hook’s Paolo Sandoval

Fritz Von Eric, Desmond Sam, Jerome Parker, Darren Graham

Patrick Raitor

(left) James Whiteside (right) Marcus Teo, Todd, Peter Som