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Todd Snyder x Gardenheir Long-Sleeve Mesh Shirt

Todd Snyder x Gardenheir


This long-sleeve crewneck shirt is crafted from a medium-gauge cotton mesh — airy and breathable, chic without showing too much skin. The classic silhouette features an open hem and clean stitching; the fit is relatively slim and tailored, so consider sizing up if you like things to fit a little more loosely. Pop this on solo, or wear it as a baselayer under a shirt or lightweight jacket.

Gardenheir is a cult favorite lifestyle and gardening brand founded by Alan Calpe and Christopher Crawford, self-described devoted amateur gardeners. With backgrounds in the arts, they bring a creative (and playful) perspective to the work of gardening — the name itself is a play on words, mixing “gardener,” “garden air,” and “garden error,” as well as the idea of being inheritors and stewards of a natural space.

  • Exclusive to Todd Snyder
  • 100% Cotton
  • Matching Bucket Hat Available
  • Tailored Fit
  • Ribbed Trim
  • Open Hem
  • Style GHTSA03-SG