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Scosha Diamond Beach Bracelet in multicolor



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The code CYBER30 is valid through November 27, 2023. It can not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Some restrictions and exclusions apply including on third party merchandise, some cashmere, shearling, leather, suede and other styles. Offers are valid at all Todd Snyder stores as marked well as online at toddsnyder.com. The offer is not valid at Todd Snyder wholesale partners.

Featuring sterling silver beads set with black diamonds, the Beach Bracelet is braided by hand using premium nylon cord and strung with multicolor vinyl beads and fastened with a SCOSHA signature button closure. 

- Sterling silver

- Black diamond

- Nylon

- Vinyl beads

- 7.5" - 8.5"

- A note on nylon: SCOSHA's braided nylon jewelry starts out with a nearly invisible coating of wax to guarantee durability over years worth of typical daily wear. So you can wear it confidently in water or wherever else life may take you!

This style is excluded from promotion