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TS x Drake's Striped Knit Silk Tie

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Whenever we’re packing for a trip, we always throw a knit tie in our bag because it is the Swiss Army knife of neckwear. It can be used to add a creative, continental vibe to an otherwise workman-like suit and spread collar shirt combo. Or it can add some polish to a chambray or corduroy shirt if some serendipitous invitation or swanky dinner invite hits your inbox. A knit tie if also a baby step back into dressing up if you’re safely venturing out after months in sartorial hibernation, the tie comes in three colors that tie back to our Drake’s cardigans and corduroy shirt jackets. 

  • Striped Design
  • 100% Silk
  • Made in Germany
  • Length varies from 139cm/54.72" -142cms/55.9"
  • Width varies from 6cm/2.36" - 6.5cm/2.56"