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Mesh & Open-Knit Clothing

About Men’s Mesh & Open Knit Clothing

If you’re looking for an exceptionally breathable shirt for the hottest of summer days, look no further than Todd’s mesh clothing collection. From men’s mesh shorts to mesh shirts, you have several options to add bohemian cool to your otherwise straight-ahead summer styles. A men’s mesh open-knit shirt is great with a pair of chinos. No matter what style you’re trying for, our men’s mesh clothing collection offers plenty of options for your wardrobe. Our collection of mesh clothing is a must-have for any sophisticated gentleman. Get yourself some mesh gym shorts for a comfortable look at the gym, or find some men’s mesh shirts to add an additional layer of breathability for hot days. You can even style up your favorite swim trunks with a men’s open-knit shirt while you’re chilling with your friends and family. There’s no shortage of styles to choose from to upscale your closet. Mesh clothing is the ultimate summer must-have. Wear your favorite men’s mesh shirts while you relax on the beach, or opt for a men’s open-knit sweater as you cozy up next to the bonfire in a pair of sandals. You can even hit the gym throughout the year in men’s mesh gym shorts, ideal for breathability while you’re hitting the weight room. Whether you’re on vacation or working on your health, mesh clothing is a must-have for any distinguished gentleman. From the designs to the fabrics, we spare no detail when it comes to men’s mesh clothing. At Todd Snyder, we believe that a gentleman requires long-lasting, durable clothing, and that’s just what our mesh clothing collection is: long-lasting staples you’ll come to love. If you’re looking to enhance your warm weather looks this year, look no further than Todd’s mesh clothing, designed to help you feel and look your absolute best.