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Relaxed Fit Denim

About Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans & Denim

Loaded with quality, vintage-inspired details, our men’s relaxed jeans are lighter than typical jeans but still just as comfortable. Todd Snyder men’s jeans in a relaxed fit are made with 100% cotton and available in different styles for the same reason you sometimes opt for another drink from your usual. For a truly laid back, on-trend look, relaxed-fit jeans are a perfect choice, regardless of your preferred style. No matter your style, relaxed-fit denim can pair with virtually anything in your closet. Enjoy a rugged look with a worn denim wash, perfectly styled with a relaxed denim jacket of your choice. To make a statement, Selvedge relaxed-fit jeans or relaxed denim shorts are an excellent choice to stand out and impress. From various denim washes to more rugged men’s jeans, relaxed-fit denim is an ideal choice that adapts to virtually any occasion. Our men’s relaxed jeans are ideal in the summer, but you can wear them throughout all four seasons. Casual occasions call for a pair of white men’s relaxed jeans and your go-to t-shirt. For winter events, put on a pair of men’s jeans in a relaxed fit with your favorite sweatshirt while you stay cozy by the fire. Men’s relaxed jeans are a versatile choice that every gentleman needs in their wardrobe. With a balance between class and quality, Todd Snyder’s men’s jeans relaxed-fit collection does not disappoint. From small details like a shank button fly and oxidized rivets, your new pair of jeans will stand out, becoming a true staple. Using only the finest denim available, our men’s relaxed jeans are a must for any gentleman who wants to exude sophistication—even while on vacation or out with friends.