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Madison Suit

About Madison Suits

As elegant as casual gets, our Madison suit is a must-have for every professional’s closet. Gentlemen will love the easy-wearing, sharp look that every suit entails. Including details such as a double vent in the back and a lightweight butterfly lining, our Madison suits are a keen choice that always exceeds expectations. Best of all, you can purchase the jacket and matching pants to complete your look. From linen suits to Wythe suits, our Madison suits at Todd Snyder include designs that continue to impress. Our linen suits are made with high-quality fabric for exceptional breathability and comfort for year-round wear and enjoyment. On the other hand, a herringbone suit and dress shoes are the ideal look if you want to showcase your professionalism to the world. Even a light sage Madison suit will ensure you stand out from the rest and feel your best. Madison suits are the best choice for professional events throughout all four seasons. Warmer weather calls for a linen suit and silk knit tie to attend a conference in style. For the colder days that require your sharpest look, our suits still work well, ideal with any of our exceptionally and carefully made dress shirts in the color or pattern of your preference. From the distinguished businessman to the family man who wants to look his best, our Madison suits deliver exactly what you need. When it comes to your style, you can’t go wrong with one of our Madison suits. Designed to be the most comfortable professional suit you wear, we promise that you’ll be impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. No matter if you prefer a classic black suit or a pop of color to make your mark, our collection at Todd Snyder is yours to explore.