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Todd Snyder x Gardenheir Rubber Clogs in Snyder Olive

Todd Snyder x Gardenheir


Garden clogs are an indispensable part of the gardening life — and, luckily, have been fully embraced outside the garden, too. They’re actually smart-looking, no? Much more durable and supportive (and less clunky) than your standard rubber clog, this version is made in Italy. Strong yet comfortable, waterproof, easily cleaned, and with slip-resistant, chunky tread soles for whatever the weather has in store. A removable cork insole adds great stable support that will continue to mold to the shape of your foot over time.

Gardenheir is a cult favorite lifestyle and gardening brand founded by Alan Calpe and Christopher Crawford, self-described devoted amateur gardeners. With backgrounds in the arts, they bring a creative (and playful) perspective to the work of gardening — the name itself is a play on words, mixing “gardener,” “garden air,” and “garden error,” as well as the idea of being inheritors and stewards of a natural space.

  • Exclusive TS Color
  • 100% Closed-Cell Polyurethane
  • Waterproof PU Upper
  • Removable Cork Insoles
  • Slip-Resistant Tread Soles
  • Made in Italy
  • Size Note: We generally recommend sizing down ½ size, but everyone’s fit is unique; please measure your foot before selecting your size.
  • Style FP04030GRD0047P47P