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Tricker's + Todd Snyder Stow Boot In Black Scotch Grain Leather



The Stow is Tricker’s most iconic men’s boot. Made originally as a country boot, but now worn by men all around the world across fields and cities. The Stow Derby ankle boot is instantly recognizable for its brogue patterning synonymous to Tricker’s; however its strong, solid build and seven eyelets make it as recognizable, whilst by no means flashy. A half bellows tongue is folded and attached to the boot to provide a watertight seal, with the storm welt providing an additional waterproof seal between the shoe's upper and sole. 

  • Black Scotch Grain Upper
  • Commando Sole- original country boot sole - these take a bit of breaking in, but they provide excellent durability and grip across all terrain - particularly in the countryside or in urban environments
  • Made in Northampton, England