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Our May Collection was inspired by the colors, architecture and textures of Mexico City…so where better to shoot it? And, as it happens, CDMX (short for Ciudad de México) is a favorite destination for Todd and many members of our creative team. Here are some of our favorite places to eat, hangout and, of course, vintage shop.



Breakfast at…

Chef Elena Reygadas’ mastery of baked goods makes this a popular Condesa draw for breakfast pastries (and lunch sandwiches, too).

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these excellent pastries, or win Best Dinner Guest, and swing by to pick up treats to bring for dessert.

Lunch at…


Head to the butcher section of this market on Saturdays for life-changing carnitas from Meche y Rafael. You will not be disappointed.

Everything at this small stand at Colima and Merida in Roma Norte is great, but we loved the huitlacoche tlacoyo and squash blossom quesadilla.

Mexico City has a well-deserved reputation as a food destination; everything I’ve eaten there has been different degrees of delicious. But lunch at this spot near Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo’s former house, now a museum) was unexpectedly excellent…not a week goes by that I don’t crave the aguachile camarones verde and camarones zarandeados.
 — Kate Andersen, Copywriter

Dinner at…

The traditional look of this spot is belied by an extensive wine list and impressive seafood dishes.

Go here for barbacoa — the waiters may try to convince you to eat something else, but eat the barbacoa, with a cold Victoria beer.


“Mexico City is known for its sheer number of museums, but I always specifically search out contemporary and modern art museums when I travel. So, the Museo Tamayo was perfect for me. It’s a manageable size; I love a digestible museum experience.”
— Matt Stipano, Art Director

"I love to travel alone and wander around aimlessly for hours. Mexico City is perfect for just that. You can so easily get lost in the sheer beauty and vibrance of the landscape and its people. There is something so magical and transporting about places like Avenida Amsterdam and Parque Mexico…it's like a treasure hunt where you never know what you'll find next."
— Michael Mangan, Brand & PR

Once the home of artist Frida Kahlo and now a museum dedicated to her life and work, these beautiful buildings house a fascinating collection of personal objects.


They have true vintage Mexican pieces, which isn’t something you see often in stores there; they tend to focus heavily on pieces from the US. Everything from the 1950s Mexican baseball pennants adorning the wall to Futbol jerseys from the 60s and 70s…and the clothing selection is extremely well-curated from all around the world. I ended up walking away with a Harrington Jacket from an old Japanese brand and a rare NY Knicks hat.
— Andrew Short, Graphic Designer

If you’re at all into fragrance, XINÚ is a must. This apothecary walks through everything from ingredients and creation to how scents change over time.


The oldest capital city in the Americas, Mexico City was founded in the 1300s by the Mexica (the rulers of the Aztec Empire) on what was then a group of islands in Lake Texcoco. It was almost destroyed during the Spanish conquest in 1521 and later rebuilt. After gaining independence from Spain, the federal district was established in 1824 — today, it’s the largest city by population in North America, and sixth largest in the world.

Photographs by Kate Berry

Written by Kate Andersen