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Everyone is Suitable

From left to right: Nick Andry, Sora Suzuki, Stephon Carson and Elias Marte, of Alfargo's Marketplace

Combining the best elements of a block party and a vintage shop, Alfargo’s Marketplace is a New York City-based pop-up flea market beloved for both its unique assortment and the welcoming menswear aficionados who bring it to life. For regulars, it is as much about hunting for grails as it is about the chance to hang out and share their latest fits in a supportive environment.

Alfargo’s was founded in 2021 by Stephon Carson, who holds down a day job at the super-luxe menswear emporium, The Armoury. We caught up with him and his crew — Elias Marte (a real estate agent), Nick Andry (who works at J. Press), Zane Gan (a photographer, who stayed behind the lens for this shoot) and Sora Suzuki (from our merchant team). We asked them to put their own spin on our fall tailoring and then take the looks for a test drive at Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Stephon says his style is “Italian, American trad, 30s and 40s, a little bit preppy.” He’s wearing the Herringbone Tailored Chore Coat and Officer Chino with a classic Silk Scarf for a workwear-meets-tailoring look because he “loves to mix styles.”

So, Stephon: you moved to the city and started a side hustle (more or less a rite of passage for New Yorkers). But how did you first get the idea for Alfargo’s?
Stephon Carson (SC): Honestly, I just wanted to create a space for guys to come and shop in person for new, used and vintage clothes. I wanted to build a community and space for buyers and sellers to vibe off of good music and buy some cool threads. As it grew, I started looking for help from folks like Elias, Nick and Zane.

Sora describes his aesthetic as “tonal and subdued,” an approach that puts a modern spin on the Charcoal Pinstripe Double-Breasted Sutton Suit by pairing it with a monochromatic dress shirt.

And how did you meet the crew, Sora?
Sora Suzuki (SS): I know these guys through Stephon — we worked together at the J. Crew on 5th Avenue as the men’s shop managers. I was seeing him for more hours of the week than my partner for a while. It was just this instant connection.

Everyone [involved with Alfargo’s] is sick in the head…but we all have the same affliction: constantly buying new clothing without the space to keep it. I started bringing in things for Stephon to sell, but it really took off during lockdown [in the pandemic]; a lot of people were shopping instead of going out. Alfargo’s was unique because it had this really curated assortment of clothes in an unusually wide size range, since Stephon was selling on behalf of all these different people.

Is there a “Holy Grail” item you’ve always wanted to find?
SC: I’d say the holy grail that I’m looking for is a Barbour jacket, Solway model. I love the length and that it’s belted, they come up for sale, [and] when I see the perfect one I will pounce on it.

Zane Gan (ZG): For me, it will be The Polo Coat, in a gray camelhair.

Nick Andry (NA): My holy grail item is the 1970s Abercrombie and Fitch Patchwork Safari Jacket famously worn by Hunter S Thompson.

Elias Marte (EM): A Pelle Pelle Soda Club jacket and a Van Cleef Arpels watch.

Nick’s vision is “Punk professor,” a look achieved by pairing an Alfargo’s cap with our Brown Donegal Madison Suit for a blend of casual and cool.

The curated selection and range of sizes and styles at Alfargo’s are obviously big draws — but do you think there’s another reason people love what you do so much?
SS: The curation is crazy. There’s something for everyone…and more and more it’s becoming very non-gender specific, too. 

EM: It’s also very friendly. You don’t need to be an expert in menswear, you can show up and not feel intimidated and just strike up a convo about fashion or music, restaurants, literature, whatever.

SC: During an event, we’ll have a DJ, get beers, be taking photos…it’s just a cool, nice, easy flow. Something like a quarter of the people that come through will stay and chill the whole day.

Elias’ style vision is “Influenced by Latin jazz or salsa and old New York.” In his own words, “I like my hair up, with colored shades and my turtleneck…I wanna look like Sosa from Scarface.”

For Zane (off camera), the move is “50s and 60s, Hong Kong gangster. I like to think I’m the slut of the group — I’m the one without a tie."

The Alfargo’s website is coming soon — until then, follow along on Instagram @alfargosmarketplace to get the details on their next event.

Photographs by Zane Gan

Interviewed by Kate Andersen