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Rototo Organic Daily 3 Pack Ankle Socks in Grey / Ecru


Crafted and designed in Japan. RoToTo uses traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, to create the ultimate cool-comfort sock with the tag line - have a good feel. These socks are the epitome of style and fit.

Un-dyed organic cotton ankle socks with a soft brushed sole. Each pair naturally fits into your wardrobe regardless of season and occasion. Knitted with naturally colored cotton (Chamen), the gray color is created by a chemical reaction on rare pale green cotton (Midorimen), while applying a plant dying method called mordanting to fix the color. The color was born as a by-product of a study to prevent Midorimen cotton from color fading by sunlight because the material inherently has low color fastness to light.

  • Size M = 8 to 10
  • Size L = 10 to 12
  • Made in Japan
  • Cotton 95% Polyester 4% Polyurethane 1%