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Guanabana Tote Bag in Green



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Guanábana reinvents the classic tote bag and adds a boho-chic touch to it with their geometrical and vibrant patterns, designed in Madrid and hand-crocheted by Wayuu artisans in Colombia. This model is woven with a looser stitch in order to make it lighter and easy to wear on the shoulder with its short handle. Our advice: its size and shape are perfect for uni or work, but you can also wear it to the beach or on a trip. The base of the bag may not be the same as the one shown in the photo. The artisans weave the bases using their own designs, so each base is unique and works as their personal trademark.

Material: 100% acrylic

Approximate dimensions: Height: 38 cm (15 inch) Diameter: 31 cm (12.21 inch)

The bag is entirely handmade so there can be small design or size variances. Machine washable in cold water.