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Armando Cabral Valentim Shirt

Armando Cabral

This easy shirt is part of a limited-edition collection from our friend and designer, Armando Cabral. It’s made entirely in Portugal from Portuguese materials — it’s where the fabrics are milled, the shirts are cut and sewn, and the trims are made — in honor of the country where Cabral grew up. This particular style features a fine jacquard cotton with a unique, texture stripe, made by the experts at Somelos Mill.

Born in Guinea-Bissau and raised in Portugal, model-turned-entrepreneur Armando Cabral’s eponymous line of heritage-quality clothing and footwear is both comfortable and stylish. In his own words: “My core principle is dressing with ease and elegance. I design through the lens of my African heritage — classics that are truly classic, impeccably crafted in Portugal, and created to stand the test of time.”

100% Cotton
Rounded Square Horn Buttons
Loose Fit
Open Collar
Reinforced Stitching
Made in Portugal
Style Number AC50123