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Whether you're looking at a photo of Jackson Pollock in his dripped-on chore coat or bumping into a summer house painter at the hardware store, there’s something compelling about clothes that have had a close encounter of the acrylic kind. That’s why Todd asked our friend, Tracy Morgan, to hand splatter a small collection of denim, sweatshirts and chinos for us. In addition to being an artist, Tracy is also a set designer who has an uncanny knack for taking what’s on a fashion designer’s inspiration board and turning it into the backdrop for the photo shoot that brings a collection to life. She also has great UPS (Unique Personal Style).

Her side-side hustle of creating paint-splattered clothes began several years ago when she was working at J.Crew and wore some of her own paint-splattered clothes to the office one day, and the company’s president Jenna Lyons asked her to create some limited-edition pieces that mimicked the insouciance of painter’s work duds. “There’s something about paint splattered clothing,” says Tracy. “Everyone just loves the ease of it.” She’s noticed that if she is wearing a pair of paint-splattered sneakers or pants, people ask her, “Where’d you get those?” To create this drop, she used a watered-down house paint and chose her colors based on what type of clothing she was painting. “White looks good on denim. Sweatshirts are more about conversations between different colors, and I really like painting on chinos because they remind me of a canvas,” she says.

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