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It’s finally here. After months of perspiration and years of inspiration, the Todd Snyder New York flagship is now officially open to the public.

Located in a beautiful building on the north-east corner of Madison Square Park, it is a one-stop shop for everything a stylish man could need. Not only does it stock all of Todd Snyder’s own designs and his collaborations with like-minded brands, but you can also get a haircut at the in-shop Persons of Interest barber; grab a coffee or a beer and a bite at the in-house bar, El Rey; pick up a pair of sunglasses or eye glasses from Moscot; try on a vintage watch curated by the guys at Hodinkee; restock on grooming products from Aesop, or take home an iconic framed print from Sonic Editions. And so very much more. Including in-store customer events.

The flagship is laid out in such a way that you move seamlessly through the interconnected departments of the Todd Snyder world, from the main collection to City Gym sportswear to denim to the Tailoring Shop to what is quite possibly the best shoe offering in New York. There is a VIP room for personal appointments and an on-site tailor for made to measure suits and shirts as well as alterations.

On the eve of the store’s launch, as the finishing touches were being made, the man himself conducted a walking tour of the floor. You really need to come down and check it out in person, of course. You might never leave. (But you’ll have to at some point. It closes at 8pm.)



PHONE: 917.242.3482

What did you have in mind when dreaming up your ideal store?
The inspiration for the store really came out of looking at menswear but noticing the lack of a true men's store. I was always inspired by Savile Row and Jermyn Street in London where you’ve got the great shops but then you also have a great place to eat, grab a cup of coffee, or have a place to get a haircut. It's really kind of A Gentleman's Way. I feel like the Brits do it better than anybody but I wanted to do a New York spin on it. Obviously being here in New York, being on Madison Square Park, which is my favorite park, really kind of gave us the opportunity to do something unique that has just a little bit of British flavor with an American twist, an American interpretation of it.

It feels like a place guys would want to hang out. One thing that's really important about this store is it's really more of a lifestyle. When you walk in, we want you to have that feeling where all the senses come together: the look, the feel, the sound, the smell – even the taste with the bar. It’s about creating a vibe where a guy can see himself going “I want to buy that jacket and that picture and, wow, I'm going to get a pair of eyeglasses. Which ones should I wear? Which ones fit my face?” It's really discovering what those pieces are and feeling comfortable with the store and trusting the store so you don't have to do the thinking.

And it truly is a one-stop shop.
That's how the whole store came together and we really had one purpose in mind, to help men dress better. I think that is our goal as a company and as a brand – to help the guy understand what's happening in fashion, to help dissect what is cool and what trends they need to be on, what trends they need to maybe just let pass. I really wanted to have something that men could trust and use as a guide for that.