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Selvedge Denim

About Selvedge Denim Jeans

Made with 100% cotton, our Selvedge denim jeans and Selvedge denim shirts are a customer favorite. If you're looking for a broken-in look without too much fade, our Selvedge denim is perfect for you. With shank button flies, oxidized rivets, and detailed outseams, men’s Selvedge denim is an exceptional choice that doesn’t disappoint. Whether you pair it with a t-shirt or a sharp dress shirt, you’ll feel right at home in these jeans. From black Selvedge denim to shirts, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Gentlemen can select straight-legged or stretch Selvedge denim jeans to enhance their comfort. Japanese Selvedge styles come in tan, khaki, and brown shades, offering unique variations on this classic style. Our mid-blue wash denim jeans with a cashmere sweater will make you feel and look exceptional. A pair of men's Selvedge denim jeans will upgrade your casual outfits. Perfect for year-round wear, put on your favorite relaxed denim jeans and a sweater for maximum comfort while you cozy up by the fire. During the summer, stop for lunch in a camp collar shirt and a Selvedge denim shirt. Our collection of Selvedge denim from Todd Snyder works for any casual event, no matter the season. By selecting only the highest quality cotton and tending to every detail with care, our men's Selvedge denim is a favorite for a reason. Todd Snyder loves our men's denim just as much as our customers, always striving to produce the finest pair of jeans and denim shirts. Whether you're looking for your new favorite pair of denim jeans or want to replace your old ones, our collection has everything you could ever need. Experience the difference of Selvedge denim jeans from our collection at Todd Snyder.