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Men's Sandals

About Men's Sandals & Slides

Our men’s sandals and men’s slides were crafted to remind Todd of summers in Italy. Something casual but elegant, perfect for a walk along the water or a dinner with friends. Our men’s slide sandals are handcrafted by artisans and made with high-quality materials for a super lightweight and chic fit. Slide them on with a pair of your favorite men’s shorts and some classic sunglasses, and you’re ready to go. From men’s beach sandals to men’s leather sandals, there are various options to fit every man’s style. Casual days call for the perfect pair of men’s crossover sandals, while a day spent at home may only require a comfortable pair of slides for men and a pair of cozy sweatpants. More active days require men’s closed-toe sandals for walking the city streets. For the outdoorsy type, a pair of men’s hiking sandals will offer comfort, breathability, and durability. While you may imagine you only wear men’s slides and men’s dress sandals during the warmer months, our collection provides versatility all year round. Semi-casual events on late summer days are ideal for sporting your favorite pair of men’s leather sandals and a classic dress shirt. Vacations in the Mediterranean will be perfect for your designer slides. Even in the colder months, a pair of men’s slides offer comfort and coziness without forcing you to sacrifice style. Our men’s slides and men’s sandals provide you with an array of colors, materials, and styles – ensuring that you find the perfect pair for your ideal look. Made with high-quality suede, leather, and more, we prioritize quality over quantity, only giving our distinguished customers the very best. As you prepare for the spring and summer, you can’t go wrong with any pair of Todd Snyder’s men’s sandals, crafted to fit the needs of every gentleman.