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Todd Snyder

Slim Fit Made In USA Raw Selvedge Jean


Limited Edition:  Our denim comes in distinct categories (Stretch, Selvedge and Small Batch), for the same reason that sometimes you want an artisanal sipping whiskey, and others a draft beer. The Made in USA Selvedge is our most premium jean, what we call Small Batch Denim. Created in partnership with denim guru Eric Goldstein, whose credits include Jean Shop and RRL, it’s woven at Vidalia Mills in Vidalia, Louisiana. 

Vidalia is quickly becoming famous among aficionados for its “farm-to-yarn” denim as the cotton is locally grown, then woven on Vidalia's Draper looms, many of which were acquired from the late mythic White Oak Plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. It takes about two hours for each of these machines to weave enough fabric for one pair of jeans. The denim is rope-dyed in genuine indigo and then cut and sewn in Los Angeles.

This is the denim equivalent of cutting a soul album at Muscle Shoals.

The Rigid Slim Fit jean is raw denim--a dark, rugged fabric originally created for hard labor. It will be a little stiff and maybe even a tad snug when you first wear it, but it will mold to your body and loosen up overtime. Or as Goldstein says, “You’ve got to earn that fit.”

  • 100% American cotton
  • Woven at the Vidalia Mill in Louisiana
  • 13.25 oz
  • On a vintage shuttle looms reclaimed from the famed White Oak Plant
  • Rope-dyed in genuine indigo
  • Cut and Sewn in Los Angeles
  • Classic 5-Pocket construction
  • Slim-fit. Slim through the hips and thigh, tailored through the leg
  • Mercerized yarn to minimize shrinkage, recommend buying true size and breaking in over time
  • 14-inch bottom opening
  • Button fly
  • Machine wash cold, hang to dry only