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Men’s Linen Button Downs

About Men's Linen Button Downs

Linen button-down shirts make men feel as good as they look. Made at one of the oldest and last remaining linen mills in Ireland, our comfortable men’s linen short-sleeve button-down shirts are the epitome of summer ease. You can wear your favorite men’s white linen button-down all on its own or over a tee or tank. No matter your style, you can’t go wrong with a clean, modern-fit men’s linen button-down. From short-sleeve to long-sleeve men’s linen button-downs, you have no shortage of options. The distinguished gentleman pairs a white linen button-up with men’s chinos for a sharp look. Alternatively, a classic-fit men’s linen button-up is the perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable shirt to go with their favorite jacket. Todd Snyder’s men’s linen shirt collection offers numerous styles for casual and professional wear. While men’s linen button-down shirts are best for the summer months, there’s no reason you can’t dress up your favorite men’s white linen button-down all year long. For your next vacation, pack your favorite linen button-downs and men’s shorts to stay cool and classy. If you’re looking to layer as the cooler months arrive and the leaves change, you can always throw on one of our classic men’s t-shirts under your men’s linen long-sleeve button-down shirts for added warmth. Even the polished businessman can style a men’s linen button-down with a sports jacket for a meeting. Sourced from some of the finest Irish linen mills in the world, our men’s linen button-up short-sleeve shirts and more offer you the finest quality materials. Not only that, but our focus on craftsmanship ensures lasting durability and wear for several years to come. No matter where your travels take you, you can’t go wrong with choosing men’s linen shirts, so you look and feel your absolute best.