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Three Ways to Wear a Suit This Summer

May 16, 2013 2 min read

Gone are the days when suits were constrained to the office. What was once a symbol of “work,” slowly grew into a great option for “play,” as suits become the staple for those looking to dress up a little more outside of their jobs. Thanks to a variety of lightweight materials, suits are a great choice for the warmer months ahead. Take a look at these different ways to wear wear a suit this summer.

First, we’ll start with the basic suit and tie combination. This fail safe option is always a good choice in formal situations. Loosen the tie or remove it altogether to quickly bring this look from traditional to casual.

1. The Grey Chambray Suit 2. White Selvedge Oxford Shirt 3. Grey Windowplaid Tie

Although most people view suits as a 2 piece unit, don’t be afraid to wear them separately. Pairing the jacket with a pair of denim and bucks, makes for a nice polished outfit that looks good all year around. Additionally, this look works well when traveling on a plane. Wear the suit jacket to prevent it from wrinkling in your carry-on.

1. The Grey Chambray Suit 2. Blue Selvedge Oxford Shirt 3. Indigo Selvedge Denim 4. Kenton Suede Bucks

Cool Causal
The final way to wear a suit during the summer is also the hardest to pull off. Style guides go back and forth about wearing sneakers with suits but like most things when it comes to style: “It’s all about confidence.” Paired with a polo shirt and sneakers, this look pushes the limits of what a suit was made for and that’s exactly the point when it comes to style: Learn how to transcend the trends.

1. The Grey Chambray Suit 2. Faded Red Classic Pique Polo 3. Todd Snyder + Seavees Army Issue Natural Sneaker