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Experts: ABC Kitchen

May 07, 2013 1 min read

From CFDA nominations to get togethers after fashion presentations, whenever Todd and the team want to celebrate a special occasion, reservations at ABC Kitchen are usually in order. The Farm-to-Fork establishment, which specializes in locally grown organic cuisine mostly from Union Square Greenmarket is one of Todd’s favorite restaurants in New York City and comes highly recommended the next time you’re in town.

Located at the ABC Carpet & Home department store on lower Broadway, ABC Kitchen boasts an all organic/eco friendly palette of place mats, receipts, hand towels, low-flow toilets, high-volume air hand dryers, all-natural cleaning products, halogen/ LED lights that use less-than-city-allotted wattage and that’s all before we get into how great the food tastes.

Grass fed Wagyu Akaushi raised Cheeseburger served on a grill-toasted Eli's bun with a fine grating of Cato Corner Bloomsday cheese, an ingenious arugula-basil-and-chive mayo, and Satur Farms jalapeños pickled in Champagne vinegar with House Cut Fries.

House-made peanut and salted caramel ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped creme fraiche, and a few kernels of caramel corn for crunch.  Butterscotch cream donuts with warm chocolate dipping sauce.

Food Photo Credit: Robyn Lee