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Rethinking the Leather Jacket

March 14, 2013 1 min read

The leather jacket has long been a staple of men’s style but images that usually spring up are “t-shirts and Harleys” not “ties and cardigans”, however that’s about to change thanks to Todd Snyder. It’s time to rethink the Leather Jacket with our quick tips on how to integrate the classic outerwear piece into any man’s wardrobe.

As with sport coats, men tend to wear their leather jackets a size too big. The fit of the leather jacket should be the roughly equivalent to the fit of a nicely tailored sport coat. Size your jacket accordingly.

Regular or Banded collar, the key is finding a style that’s simple and understated. Don’t over do the buckles and zippers.

You can never go wrong with Brown or Black but sometimes a pop of color (like our Natural Leather Moto Jacket) can go a long way.

Finally, confidence is the last piece of the style puzzle. Anytime you wear anything with leather, confidence is to be exuded and the leather jacket is no exception. Wear it proudly.