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Snyder NY

As part of Bloomingdale's Fashion Touchdown, the CFDA tapped 48 designers to create bespoke helmets to celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII. All of them will be auctioned for charity here starting today through February 4. Above, our take on the grey wool option — to match those letterman jackets, of course.

Our favorite women of fashion sound off about the most stylish gents they know, and the gear they borrow from their closets. Next up: Nic Screws.Our favorite women of fashion sound off about the most stylish gents they know, and the gear they borrow from their closets. Next up: Nic Screws.

Our favorite women of fashion sound off about the most stylish gents they know, and the gear they borrow from their closets. Next up: Nic Screws.

After studying industrial and fashion design at the University of Cincinnati and The Savannah College of Art and Design, Brad Shaffer moved to Thailand where he began designing a furniture line for David Jones Australia. He spent the next few years traveling throughout Southeast Asia and Australia before returning to the States to work as a graphic designer. "I always felt pressure to decide and focus on a particular type of design. It was during that time, I realized the fact that my past indecisiveness had become a strength," says Shaffer, who began working for American Eagle Outfitters as an Art Director, eventually becoming the Creative Director of Marketing & Brand Concept. At AE, Shaffer did everything from conceptualizing and designing marketing elements to conceiving typography, window displays, and photo shoots. "I developed my skills and learned a lot about the industry." Proving that point, Shaffer jumped ship a year ago to start ACRE Creative with his wife, stylist Leanne Ford. Specializing in design, concept and branding for homes, businesses and brands, they've worked with everyone from Roxy to American Eagle designing retail spaces and displays, and recently had their home (an old one-room 1908 schoolhouse featured in Country Living magazine). Our favorite ACRE project, of course, is the City Gym store, which Shaffer completed in record time. "When Todd called he asked if I could be in New York the following day," recalls Shaffer. "And open the store in 14 days." The rest, as they say is history.

According to W features writer Vanessa Lawrence, "The lowly sweatshirt has been elevated to new heights by the likes of Givenchy and Phillip Lim, but sometimes there’s nothing cooler than an old school version. Case in point: designer Todd Snyder’s collaboration with Champion, which includes a rainbow of pocket sweatshirts meant to be cut, resewn, and altered to one’s DIY delight." We couldn't agree more.

Above, Todd customizing one for Lawrence in the City Gym store. 

Over the weekend, Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper showed off two sides of the Todd Snyder world. At Sunday's premiere for David O. Russell's American Hustle, in which he plays a wily FBI agent employing two con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams), Cooper donned a custom wool grey suit for the red carpet. Earlier that morning, Cooper sported a burgundy plaid button-down for a press junket at the Crosby Street Hotel. While we love the day-to-night transformation he pulled off so seamlessly, we could definitely see these pieces merging into their own rough-luxe, high-low ensemble.

For enquiries about either look please contact Hilliary Latham at hilliary@toddsnyder.com

As seen in the New York Times: "On Thursday, 36 boutiques on Elizabeth Street between East Houston and Kenmare Street will stay open until 8 p.m. with deals, like... at the Todd Snyder City Gym, a jersey scarf with purchase of, say, a Todd Snyder & Champion reverse-weave sweatshirt ($175)." See you at the Gym.

Long before Sebastian Kaufmann was a top purveyor of heirloom-quality products, he was busy producing ads and music videos for the likes of TV on the Radio, Chris Cornell, and Bad Religion. But four years in, he grew weary of the media game and sold the company, Draw Pictures, launching Kaufmann Mercantile in the fall of 2009. Originally conceived as a blog, the site quickly became a resource on top-grade materials, featuring interviews with pioneering craftsmen making everything from artisan-level hammers to must-have beeswax leather treatments. "I was always in love with well-made things and my shopping habits were much more focused on buying less, but buying better things — always," says Kaufmann, who was living in Los Angeles when he first started the company, which is now located in New York. "There’s so many of these super stores in LA, from Home Depot to Office Depot to Staples, and I was so annoyed that it was so hard to find nice things whether it was products for the office or for gardening. I saw it as an opportunity because I thought other people must be annoyed to not be able to find nice things." Four years on, KM now carries everything from choice grooming and kitchen gear to his first clothing items, curated from the Todd Snyder + Champion collection. As part of their collaboration, Todd selected a group of Kaufmann-endorsed items to be sold at the City Gym store, and Kaufmann will also be with us at the Pop Up Flea in Soho this weekend with some new must-have items. 

Pop Up Flea open December 6-8, 82 Mercer Street (between Spring & Broome). 

You can't really ask for more than a garage full of choice vintage cars (turned into mind-altering sculptures by some of the greatest artists of the past 50 years) in one of the most architecturally significant buildings in South Beach. But that's exactly what's happening amidst crush of Art Basel with tonight's opening of Venus Over Manhattan's Piston Head: Artists Engage the Automobile at the Herzog & de Meuron-designed car park at 1111 Lincoln Road. In addition to 15 cars provocatively "engaged" by the likes of Tom Sachs, Keith Haring (who went wild on a 1963 Buick Special, above), and Richard Prince (and his custom-paneled Dodge Challenger, below), the opening will also feature a live rubbing of Ferrari's new 12-cylinder, carbon body LaFerrari supercar by upcoming LA artist Joshua Callaghan. There's even a souped up pan head Harley with a suicide clutch, owned by Swiss artist Oliver Mosset. Gentleman, start your engines.

Piston Head: Artists Engage the Automobile, December 3-8, at 1111 Lincoln Road.

"One of the best already-broken-in tees out there," according to GQ's 2013 Gift Guide. Honor to be included, and thanks for all the great gift ideas. Love that Kishu Binchotan charcoal

A few years ago Matthew Ruggieri was on the hunt for higher quality grooming products and couldn't find any outside of hidden nooks in department stores. "I was working in the music industry, but I knew I wanted to get into e-commerce," says Ruggieri. "We saw an opportunity and just started researching products, ingredients, skincare, and trying things." With help from his sister, Madison, Ruggieri launched The Motley out of his loft in downtown Los Angeles. "We had boxes of product everywhere — dresser drawers, the closet, the coffee table," jokes Madison, who left a job in film production to work with her brother on their editorial-driven store that not only sells great products, but does so with useful how-to's and tips. "Our bathrooms quickly became test labs for products we were considering for the store," adds Matthew. "Between the two of us, we've probably tried almost every men's grooming product on the market." We love that breadth of knowledge, and are happy to welcome The Motley to the City Gym store, where the Ruggieri's are curating a special collection for our customers. 

As GQ Style Guy Glenn O'Brien once wrote: "When Edison's lightbulb replaced the candle, it made the black tuxedo look a bit green. It took a gentleman of the rank of the Duke of Windsor to discover that a very dark blue tux looked blacker than black in artificial light. Lighting might have improved, but midnight blue is still an excellent choice." We couldn't agree more, which is why we've engineered two versions: the cotton navy tuxedo from our Fall 2013 collection, which British comedian Steve Coogan wore to last week's Governors Awards in Hollywood; and a wool number Mark Duplass rocked last winter at the premiere of Zero Dark Thirty. The cotton is available on our website, and for wool inquiries contact Hilliary Latham at hilliary@toddsnyder.com.

The City Gym sofa designed by our friend Stephen Kenn is now available for purchase. Hewn from 100% wool blankets made at Minnesota's Faribault Woolen Mills Co., it's a chic marriage of military tailoring, industrial styling, and clean minimalist lines. Place your custom order at the City Gym store or online here


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