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Yuketen Calf Hair Blucher in Leopard

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The blucher moccasin was popularized in the 1950s and 60s as a formalized variation of the lace-up moccasin, more commonly experienced as a boat shoe. The blucher provided a more sophisticated, elongated silhouette, reminiscent of the style of dress shoe with which it shared its name. Important design details are the lace-in kiltie nestled under the blucher pieces, our signature baseball stitch overcast, and pinking decoration on the heel seam cover, all of which contribute a touch of elegance to this updated moccasin silhouette.

Each pair of Yuketen’s genuine moccasin-construction footwear is handcrafted in our factory in Maine, USA. The shoes benefit from their construction using only the best components and materials such as the soft and silky full-grain flesh-out leather from Opera Leather from Tuscany, Italy who have been specialized in making flesh-out leather and suede since the 70s. The leather is described as ‘flesh-out’ as it is full-grain leather that is flipped so that the flesh side of the leather faces outwards. The advantages of using full grain, flesh-out leather rather than split suede leathers are two fold; full grain leathers retain their structure, thickness and durability for long-lasting strength and the smooth grain side of the leather wears pleasantly against the skin, negating the need for additional liners. This way, the wearer enjoys the benefits of full grain leather and the pleasant aesthetic of the nappy, suede-like flesh side of the leather.

  • Handmade from leopard-print calf hair and set on natural rubber soles.
  • Leather Insole + Leather Tuck + Memory Foam + Arch Support
  • Yuketen’s Original Rubber Camp Sole with Cork Chip Mix
  • 6 Layers of Leather & Rubber Bottoming Unit
  • Genuine Cow Hide Leather Shoelace with 360 Degrees Lace Through Spec
  • Hand-Cut, Hand-Lasted, and Hand-Stitched
  • Genuine Moccasin Construction
  • 1950’s Most Beloved Moccasin Last
  • Handmade in USA