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Todd Snyder

Donegal Wool Madison Suit Jacket in Charcoal

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Think of our Madison Suit as elegant as casual gets. The shoulder is natural, and it comes with what in the trade is known as a “butterfly lining” meaning two pieces of fabric on the interior back which resemble a butterfly’s wings and make this an easy slip-on, slip-off situation. The fabric is a washed wool-cotton blend from Italy’s diSondrio Mill. The jacket is two-button with a double-vent and comes in a midweight, three-season salt-and-pepper pattern known as a Donegal meaning you can wear this year-round with the exception of the dog days of summer.  Wear it on its own with jeans or with matching pleated suit pants.

  • Imported Italian Fabric from the famous diSondrio mill.
  • 70% wool, 30% Nylon.
  • Fits true to size.
  • Can be worn as a suit or as a separate.
  • Dry Clean Only