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Todd Snyder X Gardenheir Baseball Cap

Todd Snyder x Gardenheir


Keep the sun out of your eyes when you’re working outside, or give even your most laid-back looks a smart twist. This classic cap is made from a premium linen-and-cotton blend from Olmetex — based in Como, Italy, they’ve been setting the standard for technical fabrics since 1954. Durable but lightweight, the jacquard stitch on it gives it the look of an abstract camo (or light filtering through leaves). Bonus: it’s water-repellent, too.

Gardenheir is a cult favorite lifestyle and gardening brand founded by Alan Calpe and Christopher Crawford, self-described devoted amateur gardeners. With backgrounds in the arts, they bring a creative (and playful) perspective to the work of gardening — the name itself is a play on words, mixing “gardener,” “garden air,” and “garden error,” as well as the idea of being inheritors and stewards of a natural space.

  • Exclusive to Todd Snyder
  • Matching Jacket Available
  • Pre-Curved Brim
  • Adjustable Backstrap
  • Tonal Logo at Front and Back
  • Style AC1024762