RoToTo Double Face Sock Merino Wool/Cotton in Yellow


Crafted and designed in Japan. RoToTo uses traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, to create the ultimate cool-comfort sock with the tag line - have a good feel.

Inspired by hearty mountain climbing socks, these socks are like a sweatshirt. The double layered double face design, a process that allows for different materials to be knitted on the outside and the inside of the sock to utilize different thread properties. Using this production technique, merino wool on the outside and thick loop backed organic undyed cotton on the inside creates a comfortable texture and gives the joy of organic cotton against your skin.

  • Size M = 8 to 10
  • Size L = 10 to 12
  • Made in Japan
  • Cotton 80% Wool 15% Polyester 4% Polyurethane 1%