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Kreis Cordovan Belt in Cognac

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Founded in 1963 in Offenbach by Erich Kreis, the Hessian leather manufacturer Kreis became specialised in belts early on. The firm is run today by Mr. Bernd Kreis, the son of the founder. He uses only full-grained leather: classic box calf and traditionally pit-tanned cow leather from Germany, saddle leather from England and the legendary Shell Cordovan horse leather from the Horween® tannery in Chicago. Kreis is one of the very few manufacturers of hand-made leather belts which still cultivates the time-consuming art of triple layer belt construction. 

  1. On a belt that fits you well, measure from the hole you use most to the buckle’s far end. *Kreis belts are sized from the middle hole to the inside edge of the buckle’s far end.
  2. Convert the measurement to centimeters. This is the size you should wear.
  3. If you fall between sizes, round up to the next size.