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J.Press x Todd Snyder

J.Press x Todd Snyder Lambswool Patchwork Sweater


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Todd has partnered with the arbiter of Ivy League style to create a modern twist on the classics including The Duffel  Coat, The Sack Blazer and The Shaggy Dog® sweater. “J. Press has always been a little under the radar, which makes them cool,” says Todd. “So we took some of their iconic pieces and gave them a little attitude.” Here, Todd takes that vintage collegiate affinity for wearing “cocktails” (shirts and pants that are patchworks of different fabrics) and brings it to this lambswool sweater. Sewing together a jigger of Fair Isle with a two parts tartan and one part camo results in a colorful, graphic cocktail that is perfect for a party or those days you just want to add a little buzz to your look without fear of having a style hangover.

  • 100% Lambswool
  • Imported
  • Raglan style sleeve
  • 7 gauge midweight 
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Style Number SW7208216