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Todd Snyder

Corduroy Madison Suit Jacket in Charcoal

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Corduroy is about one of the most versatile fabrics a man can own as it can be on its own as a  field coat or a suit jacket with matching trousers depending upon what you wear with it or where the day takes you. Our suit jacket is made from a soft, imported Italian corduroy. Neither too chunky nor too thin, the suit jacket clocks in at the Goldilocks width of a ten wale. (“Wale” refers to the width of the ridges. Pinwale is 16. Your college English professor’s jacket was a 8 wale). Other rugged yet refined details include patch pockets, genuine horn buttons and a butterfly lining meaning it can slip on and off easily.

  • Imported Italian Fabric.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Medium 8-wale corduroy.
  • Genuine horn buttons.
  • Fits true to size.
  • Can be worn as a suit or as a separate.
  • Dry Clean Only.