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Todd Snyder

Madras Camp Collar Long Sleeve Shirt in Blue Plaid

Once the official uniform of sipping Dark ‘N’ Stormies on a cedar porch, madras is back. Ours is Authentic Indian madras, made the old-fashioned way, but in colors and patterns for today.The silhouette is the same as our traditional Camp Collar Shirts--a standard fit, a straight hem, side vents and a single chest pocket. 

We love the fabric because it’s a cool, lightweight cotton that’s steeped in history. In the 1930s, it became a status symbol because only those who could afford a Carribean vacation were able to gain access to the shirts. But it wasn’t until the late Fifties that madras became a thing. During its debut season Brooks Brothers reportedly sold cotton madras garments without proper washing instructions. When the colors bled, the trusted purveyor of iconic menswear turned to the advertising whiz David Ogilvey who coined the phrase “guaranteed to bleed,” turning a negative into a stylish positive. Since then, madras--well done or bleeding--has been a great way to add color and old-school cool to your summer shirting arsenal.

  • 100% Cotton 
  • Authentic Indian Madras
  • Camp Collar 
  • Standard fit
  • Straight hem
  • Side vents
  • Single chest pocket
  • Machine Wash