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Alden Shell 8 Cordovan Tanker Boot

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The Color 8 Tanker boot is what Alden historically referred to as a Norwegian Front boot - a boot with a handsewn mocc toe which also includes a front toe seam. In the early 2000’s Alden's Japanese customers began to order this construction regularly and referred to them as Tanker Boots.

Made from the finest Horween Shell Cordovan leather, finished with a beautiful Norwegian construction. These boots start as a plain toe boot, and are then hand-sewn, skin-stitched on the last to create the mocc line that goes around the toe and the toe seam down the front tip of the boot.
It is by far Alden's most labor intensive construction which requires special talent and attention to detail. The short toe seam is created first, and then the mocc seam is done second, and the difficulty lies in making sure that as they sew the mocc thread around the toe they do so in such a perfect pattern that it meets up perfectly with the toe seam.

  • Color 8 Horween Shell Cordovan Leather
  • Goodyear Welted Construction,
  • Made in the USA