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Bar Exam: TRNK

 1. Favorite New York bar

Nick: Apart from Bar Fedora obviously. Four Seasons (RIP) and Bar Lunatico
Tariq: Achilles Heel for me – after Bar Fedora

2. Signature drink

Nick: Boulevardier, on the rocks
Tariq: My own invention of equal parts Fernet, Bourbon, lemon juice and a half part simple syrup. Shaken.

3. Style motto

Nick: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.Tariq: Fit, first and foremost. The rest is negotiable.

4. No1 style no-no

Nick: Wearing a backpack with a suit.
Tariq: I’m very much a minimalist so I prescribe to the Chanel philosophy of “take one thing off.” So I guess I’d say not knowing how to edit. Save a trend for later. There are seven days in the week.

5. Signature scent

Nick: I don’t really wear fragrance
Tariq: Cinnamon Projects 2pm 

6. Signature watch

Nick: iPhone 5G
Tariq: Currently sporting my new watch by Tinker 

7. Dream car

Nick: 1970s Toyota Land Cruiser
Tariq: 1960s Jaguar SKE

8. Favorite New York restaurant

Nick: Saraghina
Tariq: St. Anselm

9. Favorite city other than New York

Nick: LA
Tariq: LA

10. One thing you always carry with you.
Nick: Burts Bees lip balm in my pocket; Papier ‘d Armenie Incense when I travel
Tariq: The reality is the phone has supplanted so much. I always need to have some way to record thoughts as they come to mind.

11. What do you collect?

Nick: At the moment – chairs. I have way too many in my apartment!
Tariq:  I collect portraiture busts/sculptures of human heads, of all sorts. I usually scour at flea markets and antique shops, or prowl eBay.

12. Worst sartorial mistake you ever made.

Nick: Wearing Abercrombie polo shirts with a popped collar (it was high school….)
Tariq: I would say growing my hair out. It took so long to get to the desired length, and I was never really happy with the result. And the in-between was especially terrible.

13. Most surprising item in your wardrobe. 

Nick: A pair of woven leather sandals I bought in India
Tariq: I have a leather motorcycle vest and I’m not sure why.

14. If you could only save one thing in a fire, what would it be?

Nick: A family recipe book my dad made me a few years ago for Christmas. He is a big cook, and he compiled (and annotated with stories and notes) a copy of the one he uses daily.
Tariq: I have a box of random memorabilia from all years of my life – random things from postcards to small souvenirs. It’s a fairly small collection, but all things that evoke my fondest memories.

15. The book that changed your life

Nick: Not book – but poem. “Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot
Tariq: ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe. It was actually the topic of my college admissions essay.

16. The movie you never get tired of watching

Nick: Chicago (guilty pleasure)
Tariq: Moonlight. The movie has so many layers, and mundane moments that are really powerful. I definitely need to go back and see it again while it’s still in theaters.