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Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemechek are two Brooklyn-based friends (and former menswear buyers) who co-founded TRNK in 2013 to fill a gap in the market for an affordable homewares site aimed at men with good taste. They spotted said gap while scouring for furniture and cool design pieces for their own home – and while that was fun, they felt like it didn’t have to be that hard. TRNK is the answer.

“The site is a collection of our favorite products, stories, inspirations and ideas – sourced from around the globe, but all sharing a single, carefully-considered point of view,” says Dixon. “Our ideal home is considered yet approachable,” adds Nemechek. “It’s masculine but not trite. It feels collected, not decorated. We’ve hand-picked a unique assortment that together strike this rare balance – a contemporary home, rich with contrast and character.”

You’ll find some of those tastefully curated pieces in Todd Snyder’s New York showroom.

For the latest in our series, The Bar Exam, in which we interview tastemakers in their favorite watering holes, we settle in with Nemechek and Dixon at one of New York’s most iconic drinking dens, Bar Fedora. Take 10% off at TRNK with code 'trnkxtoddsnyder10' trnk-nyc.com


 1. Favorite New York bar

Nick: Apart from Bar Fedora obviously. Four Seasons (RIP) and Bar Lunatico
Tariq: Achilles Heel for me – after Bar Fedora

2. Signature drink

Nick: Boulevardier, on the rocks
Tariq: My own invention of equal parts Fernet, Bourbon, lemon juice and a half part simple syrup. Shaken.

3. Style motto

Nick: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Tariq: Fit, first and foremost. The rest is negotiable.

4. No1 style no-no

Nick: Wearing a backpack with a suit.
Tariq: I’m very much a minimalist so I prescribe to the Chanel philosophy of “take one thing off.” So I guess I’d say not knowing how to edit. Save a trend for later. There are seven days in the week.

5. Signature scent

Nick: I don’t really wear fragrance
Tariq: Cinnamon Projects 2pm 

6. Signature watch

Nick: iPhone 5G
Tariq: Currently sporting my new watch by Tinker 

7. Dream car

Nick: 1970s Toyota Land Cruiser
Tariq: 1960s Jaguar SKE

8. Favorite New York restaurant

Nick: Saraghina
Tariq: St. Anselm

9. Favorite city other than New York

Nick: LA
Tariq: LA

10. One thing you always carry with you.
Nick: Burts Bees lip balm in my pocket; Papier ‘d Armenie Incense when I travel
Tariq: The reality is the phone has supplanted so much. I always need to have some way to record thoughts as they come to mind.

11. What do you collect?

Nick: At the moment – chairs. I have way too many in my apartment!
Tariq:  I collect portraiture busts/sculptures of human heads, of all sorts. I usually scour at flea markets and antique shops, or prowl eBay.

12. Worst sartorial mistake you ever made.

Nick: Wearing Abercrombie polo shirts with a popped collar (it was high school….)
Tariq: I would say growing my hair out. It took so long to get to the desired length, and I was never really happy with the result. And the in-between was especially terrible.

13. Most surprising item in your wardrobe. 

Nick: A pair of woven leather sandals I bought in India
Tariq: I have a leather motorcycle vest and I’m not sure why.

14. If you could only save one thing in a fire, what would it be?

Nick: A family recipe book my dad made me a few years ago for Christmas. He is a big cook, and he compiled (and annotated with stories and notes) a copy of the one he uses daily.
Tariq: I have a box of random memorabilia from all years of my life – random things from postcards to small souvenirs. It’s a fairly small collection, but all things that evoke my fondest memories.

15. The book that changed your life

Nick: Not book – but poem. “Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot
Tariq: ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe. It was actually the topic of my college admissions essay.

16. The movie you never get tired of watching

Nick: Chicago (guilty pleasure)
Tariq: Moonlight. The movie has so many layers, and mundane moments that are really powerful. I definitely need to go back and see it again while it’s still in theaters.


Nick: Still not sure I fully understand this,   Tariq: Hybrid
Smart Casual
Nick: Preferred dress code, Tariq: Understated
Casual Friday
Nick: Everyday, Tariq: Denim
Windsor knot
Nick: Fancy, Tariq: Clean
Nick: Trying to quit, Tariq: Fantasy
Sweat pants
Nick: Only at home, Tariq: Lazy
Street style
Nick: *Eyes roll*, Tariq: Peacock
Style rules
Nick: Nah, I’m good, Tariq: Anarchy


Beer or cocktail?
Nick: Cocktail, Tariq: Cocktail
Suitcase or holdall?
Nick: Suitcase, Tariq: Holdall
Velvet or tweed?
Nick: Tweed, Tariq: Tweed
Cash or credit card?
Nick: Credit card, Tariq: Credit card
Sneakers or work boots?
Nick: Sneakers, Tariq: Work boots
Wallet or card holder?
Nick: Card holder, Tariq: Card holder
Wet shave or electric?
Nick: Electric, Tariq: Electric
Black tux or midnight blue?
Nick: Black tux , Tariq: Midnight blue