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Bar Exam: David Coggins at the Ear Inn

 1. What’s your style mantra?
Dress like the best version of yourself

2. What’s your No1 style no-no?
Square-toed shoes are never right

3. What’s the secret to wearing a hat well?
Confidence, repetition and a wide brim

4. What’s the secret to grooming a fine beard?
Leave it to the professionals and no straight lines

5. Signature scent
Creed Royal Water
6. Signature watch
Cartier Tank with an old brown band  

7. Signature drink
Campari on the rocks

8. Favorite New York restaurant
Lafayette for breakfast, Via Carota for lunch, Minetta Tavern for dinner
9. Favorite New York bar
The Ear Inn

10. Favorite city other than New York

11. What are your top three travel essentials?
International New York Times, grey flannels, suede shoes 

12. Best piece of sartorial advice your father taught you.
Learn the rules before you break them.
13. What do you collect?
Knit ties
14. Worst sartorial mistake you ever made?
Wore jeans with a tuxedo jacket to prom. Admirable idea I couldn’t pull off  

15. Most surprising item in your wardrobe?
A few headbands I wear onto the squash court.
Sets the tone for my Richie Tenenbaum-style meltdowns
16. If you could only save one thing in a fire, what would it be? 
First edition of Great Gatsby

17. The book that changed your life?
Between Meals by A.J. Liebling
18. The movie you never get tired of watching 
Twentieth Century. Every line John Barrymore says is hysterical. Every one
19. Your style icon?
Richard Merkin, the early years