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Todd Snyder

Japanese Chambray Traveler Dress Pant in Olive


The Traveler Suit Trouser is one part of our most casual suit style yet easy to wear on its own.The upper part of the pant is relaxed but tapers through the thigh to a tailored lower leg. The pleated trouser comes in a relaxed fit and finished with a cuff and is meant to hit at the ankle,The trouser has an elastic waist and a concealable drawcord, so it can act as a more polished stand-in for a jogger or act as a stealth suit trouser when you want to feel relaxed even though the day’s dress code calls for proper tailoring. We’ve also found these to be a popular WFH option. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Slim fit 
  • Japanese Chambray sourced by Three Looms
  • Matching Suit Jacket available
  • Elastic waist with concealable drawcord
  • Dry Clean