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Oxford Shirts

About Oxford Shirts

Every distinguished gentleman needs an Oxford shirt that feels broken in from the first wear. Todd designed a soft cotton throwback that comes with a relaxed fit. As a true closet staple, every button-up Oxford shirt has a soft feel and quality details, like embroidery on the side seams. Whether you’re layering a short-sleeve Oxford shirt in the summer or dressing up a blue Oxford shirt, our collection is on every gentleman’s shopping list. There are many styles of Oxford button-down shirts, but all of them remain classic and essential men’s staples. An Oxford dress shirt is the perfect top with a pair of chinos, while a short-sleeve Oxford shirt is better dressed in men’s shorts during the summer. You can even wear your favorite polo Oxford shirt with a sweater to add an additional layer of coziness. No matter how you style it, our Oxford shirts are a classic men’s necessity for sophisticated looks. Oxford dress shirts can be worn throughout any season to enhance your level of sophistication. In the fall and winter, layer your blue Oxford shirt with a for warmth. In the summer, wear a short-sleeve Oxford shirt and your favorite shorts to greet another warm, hot Saturday. Whether you’re heading to a casual or a business event, men’s Oxford shirts are a staple that fits any occasion. Without a commitment to quality, our men’s Oxford shirts would not be as beloved as they are, nor would gentlemen continue to come back for Todd Snyder’s exceptional collection. From the choice of cotton to the details that are stitched into the shirt, every Oxford shirt stands out as a true classic top. Whether you need a new go-to dress shirt or want to enhance your look, Todd’s collection of Oxford shirts for men is your one-stop shop.