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Todd Snyder x Kahala Aloha Shirt in Natural Tiki

Todd Snyder x Kahala

Todd has partnered with the experts at Kahala on this limited-edition take on their legendary Aloha Shirt. Originally made from repurposed kimono and yukata cloth, rayon became the fabric of choice for aloha shirts after WWII when silk was rationed for parachutes; it has a lustrous feel similar to traditional silk and is naturally breathable. Kahala works directly with Japanese mills to develop their special fabric, a unique rayon filament. Aloha shirts are defined by their silhouette — short sleeves, open collars, and a loose fit and straight hem designed to be worn untucked — and their prints. This particular one is by artist Nancy Hogan, who, during the late 50s, was sitting at the bar of the Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki. She asked the bartender to whip up a few of her favorite cocktails and drew these colorful tiki drinks on the napkins while she waited. The folks at Kahala call this print “Hana Hou,” a popular cheer at the end of concerts (or the first round of drinks) that means “one more time!”

Kahala’s story started when co-founder George Brangier came to California from France and met legendary surfer Duke Kahanamoku, who invited him to visit Hawai’i with him. George fell in love with the islands and moved there. In 1936, he and his business partner, Nat Norfleet, started a clothing brand named Branfleet. Later renamed Kahala Sportswear, their signature item is the Aloha Shirt — they were the first business to switch to factory manufacturing these iconic shirts, and are the oldest still-operating apparel company in Hawai’i today.

100% Rayon Filament
Boxy Fit
Matched Front and Pocket
One Piece Camp Collar
Fabric From Japan
Garment Made in Hawai’i
Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry Low
Style Number 3124-KS07