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J.Press x Todd Snyder Mohair Grey Sportcoat

J.Press x Todd Snyder


Todd has partnered with the arbiter of Ivy League style to create a modern twist on the classics including The Duffel Coat, The Shaggy Dog® Sweater and The Sack Blazer. “J. Press has always been a little under the radar, which makes them cool,” says Todd. “So we took some of their iconic pieces and gave them a little attitude.”  Here, Todd has taken that collegiate workhorse known as a “sack blazer” and kept some vintage design details including the natural shoulder, J. Press’s signature single back vent, and three gold buttons on each sleeve cuff.  There’s also a “three-into-two” button stance on the jacket’s front, meaning the blazer naturally wears as a two-button with the top button hidden behind the lapel, but on cold days the collar can be popped, and all three buttons deployed for a look more like outerwear. To refresh the classic, Todd’s modernized the pockets with patch pockets, a slightly tailored silhouette and a camo butterfly lining. The fabric looks and feels like a loosely woven hopsack, and it comes to us from England's “Master of Mohair” William Halstead. 

  • 100% High Twist Wool
  • Fabric is from England’s “Master of Mohair” William Halstead
  • Natural Shoulder
  • Single Vent
  • Gold buttons
  • “Three into two” button stance
  • Camo butterfly lining
  • Dry Clean Only
  • J.Press x Todd Snyder
  • Style Number BL039815